J.Crew Fall 2015-8798 J.Crew Fall 2015-8856 J.Crew Fall 2015-8837 J.Crew Fall 2015-8821 J.Crew Fall 2015-8268 J.Crew Fall 2015-8328J.Crew Fall 2015-8868 J.Crew Fall 2015-8356 J.Crew Fall 2015-8348J.Crew Fall 2015-8339J.Crew Fall 2015 2J.Crew Fall 2015-8954J.Crew Fall 2015-8996 J.Crew Fall 2015-8900J.Crew Fall 2015J.Crew Fall 2015-8917 J.Crew Fall 2015-8411J.Crew Fall 2015-8976J.Crew Fall 2015-8433J.Crew Fall 2015-8446J.Crew Fall 2015-8418one of the most anticipated presentations in new york was also our last. which, yes, also means that we are nearing¬†the end of our new york adventure. this was my first formal introduction to the amazing j.crew collection, because for those curious, the pieces shown at new york fashion week will only be available in select stores and online. the models resembled a small jenna lyons army, with looser hairstyles for fall 2015. the creative director was on hand herself speaking to the collection, available to answer any questions, receive feedback or just to chat, another upside to this atypical form of show, literally rubbing shoulders with editors and personalities, hoping some of their greatness rubs off at the same time. loving all of the vibrant colours. if you can’t tell by the photo picks for this post, totally digging the pink turtleneck/blue skirt combo. looking to upstage my look from this season come september. one of my favourite sets, even though didn’t make this post, got plenty of love over on instagram here. the wide, grey, high waisted pant has become a staple in my wardrobe and i love the play on these proportions. i will be happy to see them return. you can see the whole collection on xoxo

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