Chanel Garden Party-8500Chanel Garden Party-8488 Chanel Garden Party-8626 Chanel Garden Party-8506 Chanel Garden Party-8519 Chanel Garden Party-8524 Chanel Garden Party-8530Chanel Garden Party- Chanel Garden Party-8546 Chanel Garden Party-8563 Chanel Garden Party-8586Chanel Garden Party-8594-2Chanel Garden Party-8602 Chanel Garden Party-8615 Chanel Garden Party-8653running between lincoln centre and chelsea to catch the next show we just had to find time to view the chanel haute couture spring 2015 collection, because you ALWAYS make time for chanel. for those who don’t know the idea of couture fashion is to preserve fashion as art. these beautiful hand made garments exceed all expectations up close and personal. the detail and quality of every single embellishment and stitching is breathtaking. the work that goes into these pieces is that much more relevant when you think that only one of each piece has been made and for those lucky enough to purchase these pieces the process is just as intricate as the garments themselves. there are a number of fittings associated with owning chanel couture, each brining you closer to owning a piece of the chanel story. every season sees the chanel team transform the grand palais into an elaborate set, and each season we are transformed into a different fairy tale. for spring 2015 we are in a green house where spring is about to bloom (which was recreated for us on a smaller scale in new york). each mechanical flower attended to by baptiste giabiconi, karl’s muse, with a cc engraved watering can, unmistakably on many wish lists before the show even has a chance to start. the flowers, upon bloom see model after model walk around the room in perfectly tailored jackets that fit the form of the body at every curve of the torso, flat sock booties that make walking seem as effortless as the collection itself and to celebrate the coming of awakening, crop tops and feathered dresses reminiscent of flowers. the hats and embroidery both outsourced to other paris couturiers stress the art form and community needed to produce such elaborate worlds. you can view some of the handiwork that goes into these amazing clothes right here and be completely taken away into the chanel garden for the full show below. as far as goals are considered, shooting with these gorgeous clothes just made top of our list. xoxo

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  1. Theresa says:

    Wow, beautiful pieces. The tweet and the florals are gorgeous.

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