Tommy Hilfiger 30th Anniversary Show-5497Tommy Hilfiger 30th Anniversary Show-5266 Tommy Hilfiger 30th Anniversary Show-5442 Tommy Hilfiger 30th Anniversary Show-5319 Tommy Hilfiger 30th Anniversary Show-5275 Tommy Hilfiger 30th Anniversary Show-5474Tommy Hilfiger 30th Anniversary Show-5816Tommy Hilfiger 30th Anniversary Show Dyptique 1Tommy Hilfiger 30th Anniversary Show Dyptique 2Tommy Hilfiger 30th Anniversary Show-5852Tommy Hilfiger 30th Anniversary Show-5944Tommy Hilfiger 30th Anniversary Show-6064Tommy Hilfiger 30th Anniversary Show Dyptique 3 Tommy Hilfiger 30th Anniversary Show-6261 Tommy Hilfiger 30th Anniversary Show-6325Tommy Hilfiger 30th Anniversary Show-637320150216-3I5C6304if the alexander wang for h&m show was fashion olympics then the fall 2015 tommy hilfiger show was the superbowl. hands down the top produced show during new york fashion week is the hardest party to get into. think a-list celebrities, extravagant set design, top models and those clothes! the hilfiger collection can only be found in the collection stores across north american and europe (+ online) and sadly we have to wait a few months before the collection hits the stores (although you had a chance to grab the first few limited 30th anniversary edition sweaters on the website right after the show… sold out now sorry). these pieces are definitely worth the hunt. i’m currently lusting after the star boots from the spring 2015 show back in september and i know i’m not the only one. this show was in it’s essence all american goodness in the most east coast kind of way. preppy wool jackets and skirts, varsity bombers and leather dresses, all had the new york winters in mind and all of us dreaming of walking out bundled in the fax fur hats and beautiful knits, all of which were already reminiscent in the sartorial choices of the street style stars outside.  back to reality for a moment, I have been a bit inactive on social media this week, i’m actually helping out my brother at the office for a few days, hello old stomping grounds. with a few exciting trips + projects just around the corner we are scheduled to get back to regular programing very soon. i hope you are enjoying these last few images from fashion week. i know that fashion week has moved on to london and milan now but i’m still in huge awe of everything we saw just a week ago. no matter how fast things move i like to think i can still stop, smell the roses and be grateful for all our opportunities. xoxo

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