Misha Nonoo Aldo Rise Fall 2015-1 Misha Nonoo Aldo Rise Fall 2015-2 Misha Nonoo Aldo Rise Fall 2015-3 Misha Nonoo Aldo Rise Fall 2015-4 Misha Nonoo Aldo Rise Fall 2015-5 Misha Nonoo Aldo Rise Fall 2015-6 Misha Nonoo Aldo Rise Fall 2015-7 Misha Nonoo Aldo Rise Fall 2015-8 Misha Nonoo Aldo Rise Fall 2015-9 Misha Nonoo Aldo Rise Fall 2015-10 Misha Nonoo Aldo Rise Fall 2015-11 Misha Nonoo Aldo Rise Fall 2015-13going through all the images from our second day at new york fashion week i realized i won’t be able to jam everything into one post. this was the day that was definitely the busiest. we attended four shows, all which were in different parts of town, with at least one hour in between allotted to travel. it would surprise you how long a normal 10 minute cab ride can take in a congested city like new york. it’s definitely been a challenge.

first up is the misha nonoo x aldo rise fall 2015 presentation. this second capsule collection with the designer was inspired by the complexity of the woman as seen in Tracey Emin’s ‘The Last Great Adventure is You’. the show itself was beautifully lead by a string ensemble adding an air of maturity to the space. the designer turns thirty this year and it marks a significant time in her life and aesthetic, a place where she feels like she knows who she is and the confidence in the collection is certainly present. the energy at fashion shows is very fast paced and hectic, there is no time for self reflection but looking back now, that fashion week is slowly coming to an end, this trip was a special one for me as well. from all the friendly faces around me showing support for the paths we chose to travel to moments of awe and admiration for my surroundings to opportunities of reminiscance to the places i have already been and things i have done, all contribute to a critical examination of my place in the industry and the growth that is always on the horizon. this particular show came about at the very last minute so i like to think it was quite serendipitous. there will be a misha nonoo collection at aldo stores as early as spring this year as the collaborations span over two seasons so thankfully we don’t have to wait until september to slide our feet into some of these gorgeous heels, and for me, flats. xoxo


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  1. Stunning photos as usual! Love the sketch; is it your work?
    xo Anneke

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