Sephora-Aerin-Eventif you’re not at chinook tomorrow already, because let’s face it, i may be the only person i know who spends an equal amount of time at the mall as i do at home, here is a good reason to change up your daily routine. i partnered up with estee lauder to bring to you all their exciting products and launches. I have been waiting to share with you a number of makeup tutorials of my favorite beauty looks. while these are in the works i thought it would be a great opportunity to introduce you to a newer brand, aerin. the granddaughter of estee lauder, aerin lauder launched her own makeup and beauty line along with a beautiful collection of fragrances to complete the experience. i have only learned about the brand recently but soon discovered that it has quite a cult following. aerin developed a full lifestyle offering around her brand. together with diving into aerin’s elegant beauty products you can also shop accessories, home decor and  furnishings, all curated with the effortless aesthetic and signature style of it’s founder.

this thursday, february 12th, you can discover what aerin is all about at the chinook centre sephora. there are surprises waiting in store and a collection of beautifully crafted fragrances to call your own. with a selection of five unique but complimenting scents you can choose your favorite or layer them for a truly personal experience. after all, in the words of estee lauder herself, ‘you wouldn’t wear the same dress to play tennis as you would to dinner so why would you wear the same fragrance?’, the world of aerin awaits and i am excited to explore it together.

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