20150118-20150118-3I5C3494-Edit20150118 20150118 3I5C3558 Edit120150118-20150118-3I5C4067-Edit20150118-20150118-3I5C3970-Edit 20150118-20150118-3I5C3813-Edit20150118-20150118-3I5C3752-Edit 20150118-20150118-3I5C3709-Editafter a very indulgent christmas season and then later a very cramped road trip down the continent it’s pretty obvious what my new years resolutions entail. apart from spending more time with my family and prioritizing the most important things in life being active is on top of that list. i have done my fair share of yoga… three years ago. yikes! the most important thing is to not to jump the gun. i know the feeling of wanting to feel that burn all too well. taking it slow is the best way to success. this year joe fresh partnered up with fitness studios across the country to promote your healthy lifestyle. and this saturday they want to help get that first leg up on your new year. come down to studio revolution here in calgary on saturday, january 24, for a work-out with some good people and maybe even a little surprise. *HINT* make sure to sign up for the 10:45 surf fresh burn it and build it class with karleen. like any girl will tell you a good work-out starts with the wardrobe and you have a full week to shop some active wear essentials at all joe fresh stores across canada. with their $10 off every $30 you spend promo (use code GETACTIVE10 at checkout) there hasn’t been better motivation to get moving. see you saturday! xoxo

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  1. These are some seriously chic exercise photos. Bravo!

  2. Elle says:

    You look stunning! Nice workout gear!
    xx Elle

    New outfit post up on: -Swedish Model and Fashion Blogger in TOKYO

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