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first post of 2015! crazy to think that the blog is entering into it’s 5th year of existence, half a decade and so much to celebrate. i have been seeing many recap posts on other blogs and instagram and it has me thinking a lot about my own journey. i was never one to celebrate anniversaries on the site. to me it is a stream of my consciousness and time as i live it. it’s hard sometimes to separate real life from my blog and i have yet to learn a good way of truly disconnecting. being on the road for the last two weeks has helped. for all real-time updates of course you can still visit my instagram account, to which i am forever attached to at the hip. we are slowly getting ready to come back home. as much as i am loving being on the california coast, i miss my family and charlie and am definitely ready to lay off the suitcase for at least a few days, as i will be departing again to toronto immediately upon our return for my first exciting project of 2015!

but let’s live in the moment. for now i am really excited to start sharing the images we took over the holidays. one of my long-time-bucket-list items has been the madonna inn in san luis obispo. if you ever pass by the pacific coast highway between monterey and los angeles you will most likely be driving through this quaint little college town and at the foot of the hills lays every girls fantasy. i will be doing a series of posts from our stay, because there was just no way of narrowing it all down to a small selection. when asked how i would describe the hotel the word kitschy comes to mind, pink is definitely another, but it is so much more than that. my love for all things cowboy runs deep and stems all the way from my parents love of westerns they watched in their youth. it’s also in a way a connection i feel to california. the calgary stampede is definitely a highlight of every summer and my obsession with cowboy boots, hats and bolo ties will probably never end, so to have been able to stay at the madonna inn was like unleashing a kid in a candy store. pure bliss. #rhinestonecowgirl!

we stayed in three of the 110 different themed rooms and we could easily collect them all. this was the perfect one to start the year off with, the ‘go’ room. one of a trio of rooms collectively called ‘merry-go-round’. it feels like an out of this world experience when the walls are literally made of sequins. accent colours of yellow and blue compliment the bathroom with french pedestal sinks and vibrant tiled shower. the room overlooks the mountainside and is located between the rooms ‘merry’ & ’round’. a cute little gem i just discovered while writing this post. the perfect partner in crime was easily my moschino wardrobe (thanks to ooh la la boutique in calgary), this pairing was a match made in heaven! xoxo

Madonna Inn
100 Madonna Road
San Luis Obispo, CA 93405

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  1. Sabina B says:

    Great photos!
    Have a happy and stylish New Year!

  2. Such a stunning look!
    ❤ Jessica |

  3. libys11 says:

    incredible photos!!! wow!! these are amazing, thanks for sharing!

    Animated Confessions

  4. Lucy Mitchell says:

    I love the dress and these photos are great

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