20141213-20141213-3I5C9843-Edittomorrow is officially christmas (we are polish so we get to celebrate a day early) which also means i will be taking a long overdue time off… sort of but not really, we do work pretty much around the clock anyway. i will be posting during our two weeks off, though not at the frequency i got used to over the past few weeks. i wanted to take this brief break to introduce you to some of my favourite calgary bloggers as people often ask me about the blogging community in the city. there is a small but very tight knit group of amazing creatives that love to support the local community and of course each other. everyone has something unique and different to offer. it has been such an honour to be sharing this journey with every single one of them. even though we all feel the love, sometimes it’s just hard to get everyone together in one room at the same time. the holidays are the perfect opportunity to celebrate everyone’s achievements throughout the year and look forward into the future. everything really is better when you feel the support of your friends and peers. if you live in calgary or if you just love fashion, food and culture you will find something in common with every single one of them. take a moment to browse through what calgary has to offer. there are a few really amazing friends that were not around for the shoot but you will find all the links to their sites below.

tyler stalman (the man behind the lens and other half of

toques and truffles 

anneke forbes

born lippy

the youth novels

sassi anne

binzento vincente

life set sail

yuppie love (not pictured)

styleistas (not pictured)

the style guys (not pictured)

that is fancy (not pictured)

the neat blog (not pictured)

convey the moment (not pictured)

i am so thankful to all my readers for your continued support and engagement on the site, social media and IRL. i would not be able to have (and as a result, share) these life changing experiences without you. i hope that the new year will bring us even more amazing adventures. for now wishing everyone a love filled holiday season! xoxo

20141213-20141213-3I5C0031-Editpictured above (from left to right): katie (toques and truffles), anneke (anneke forbes), melanie (born lippy), paul (the youth novels), ania (ania.b), sarah (sassi anne), vincent (binzento vincente) & brittany (life, set, sail)

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  1. Kait says:

    so wonderful! we really are so lucky here in YYC to have such a great community. thanks for being a blogger wrangler Ania! xx

  2. Ashley says:

    This looks like such a fun shoot, and everyone is looking amazing! Loving the confetti.

    Merry Christmas Ania <3

  3. Brittany says:

    Awwwe, my heart just melted reading this! Love you Ania, hope you have an amazing time on your holidays and can’t wait for our next yyc blogger collab! Take care xx

  4. Thanks for getting us all together Ania! Here’s to many more community collaborations in our future! Have fun in California!!! xo

  5. Binzento says:

    Thanks for having us! Calgary IS small, but we have a strong group of friends and bloggers.
    Happy New Year and enjoy Cali!!

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