Jocelyn Fur Ania B-6Jocelyn Fur Ania B-3Jocelyn Fur Ania B-24Jocelyn Fur Ania B-7Jocelyn Fur Ania B-11Jocelyn Fur Ania B-5Jocelyn Fur Ania B-13Jocelyn Fur Ania B-22it snowed again today. we had the most beautiful weather the last week and it has been wiped out overnight with a snow storm that would put ‘frozen’ to shame. feeling like i missed out a little bit being in studio but there has been tons of other fun to attend to. will be checking in tons before holiday break but thought these images were spot on weather appropriate for today. i always wanted to do my ‘blending in post’ in the forest somewhere, but facing the facts, i am much more of a concrete girl anyway. xoxo

wearing: jocelyn fur coat, club monaco sweater, one teaspoon jeans, john fluevog boots

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  1. Brittany says:

    I’m loving the new look Ania! That ballon title is so freaking awesome, fabulous job on the site 🙂 xx

  2. Alicja says:

    I love the boots! Amazing!

  3. Jessica says:

    Wow..i love this kind of mysterious, roughed-up look. The coat kind of shoves everything together and makes it look awesome!

  4. Dana L says:

    I’m loving your coat!!! I love how you create such great looks! That are very fashion forward but still can be comfortable!!! I am really enjoying your website!!

  5. Betty says:

    BORING! you are a brand ambassador and actually have sponsors for this crap? YAWN!!!!

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