last week we took you on a little shopping excursion with topshop, now it’s time to reveal all that we acquired. chances are we probably all leave gift shopping till the very last minute, it wouldn’t be christmas without the shopping frenzy of december 23rd after all (our family celebrates christmas on the 24th). i picked through some of my favourite pieces at the chinook centre store to make things a little bit easier for you. and what would a gift be without some ideas on how to put it all together. maybe this year you can spread the wish list around for that one perfect complete outfit <3

Topshop gift guide-1the perfect outfit for those going away this christmas season. a great carry-on piece to bring with you on the plane and that perfect bikini for when you land. sandals in winter? after all some of us don’t experience season changes. the faux fur sandal will make the perfect addition to any new years eve party outfit *swoon*

Topshop gift guide-2i’m a firm believer that you can make anything work in winter if you do it in a clever and inventive way. throw on socks with those sandals and rock a skirt, become a layering wizard and put those summer tees to a good use. another unexpected piece i found was this rose print maternity tee. maternity, here just means oversized. don’t shy away and then everybody wins!

Topshop gift guide-3this season one of my favourite things to do has been playing with fun and colourful pieces. bottle shaped bags and bold logos have been popping up everywhere. this eleven paris disney collaboration available at topship’s chinook centre location is so on point, i spotted it immediately. adding a fun slipper and a satchel help to take the look from street to the office, who says you can’t mix business with pleasure? for me that’s what topshop is all about.

adapting these looks into your everyday life is what makes fashion fun and ever evolving. topshop offers endless possibilities, from maternity to petite and into their always changing shoe departments shopping is never boring. for more inspiration make sure you visit the hudson’s bay website to browse through the official topshop gift guide and read all about their personal shopping services on the b-insider. xoxo

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  1. Jessica says:

    The 2nd outfit is really modern (skirt&hat) but just a little vintage (top&shoes)

    oh btw i love the new blog look

  2. Brittany says:

    Loving that second outfit! Totally something I would wear. xx

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