another day, another giveaway. you may have already noticed on my facebook page today that another great giveaway is underway. clarisonic is celebrating their 10th anniversary this year and wants to give my readers one of the aria cleansing system devices. the gift pack is worth $500 and comes with added goodies. clarisonic & 5 bloggers across the country invite you to participate in a #SONICPURSUIT scavenger hunt throughout the contest to seek questions and clues throughout our social media. don’t be intimidated, and for those who are late in the game there is still opportunity to jump right in. our facebok clue went out today and there are still two more to go (hint* make sure to check out instagram and twitter next). i will be posting questions to which you will have to find answers and in turn post those in the comments section of each individual post. the more answers you enter the better your chances of winning! this is my first time trying the clarisonic system but i have heard amazing things. after the first go i can already, visibly notice the difference in my pores and softness of my skin. i battle with ways to keep my skin clear and this might just be the solution i have been waiting for. i have changed up my daily cleansing routine to allow the skin to breathe. a  couple glasses of water before bed and the face fully stripped down of makeup. stay tuned to get a glimpse of my progress. the winners of #SONICPURSUIT will be announced on december 12th! happy hunting!

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  1. Jessica says:

    i really wish i had one of those Clarisonics. there are so many good reviews on them, and yours really counts!

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