despite all the rules and the preparations, one can only really rely on pure luck for black friday. i am of course talking about the awesome deals and the way you can clean out on that marathon of a day. judging from the turn out at chinook centre this year people were saving some serious dollars. retailers like the gap, banana republic, aerie, nine west and zara were clearing out by shipment loads. the sales ranged from 30-50% off the entire stores to additional discounts on already marked down merchandise. black friday coming directly after thanksgiving in the us gives the americans an advantage of having the day off work. canada is not so lucky, many shoppers left work early in fear of missing out, and in general the crowds didn’t start until about noon. ¬†leah van loon was on site giving out gift cards to those shoppers who dressed for the occasion and there were many that didn’t disappoint. i was tweeting and instagraming for the first half of the day, sharing my favourite fashion finds live from the eye of the storm. the energy and rush of finding amazing deals and getting those highly coveted savings is like no other. shopping, is of course something that i do all the time but the buzz around you when everyone else is excited just doesn’t compare. thank you again all of those who have taken this journey with me. all those who participated in the twitter chat, the giveaway winners and my own winners (that’s right, i couldn’t just leave with two, so i decided to sponsor two additional winners through the blog – you know who you are!) and of course thank you all those amazing people who took the time to find me and chat. it’s such an honour meeting my readers and engaging on a more personal level. thank you chinook centre and cadillac fairview for having me be part of this adventure. i am now looking forward to celebrating the holidays in style! xoxo

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