wearing: bcbg suit, shirt & hat, chanel wallet on chain, birkenstock sandals
in a futile attempt to bring my hair back to it’s natural colour i am now stuck as a semi red-head for who knows how long. it makes it hard to look at photos of myself and be stocked. i really hope the anticipation will be well worth it. not that i also don’t struggle with ending my misery and just going back to being dark. just trying to stay strong. along side just being a girl i have also been working on a number of really exciting projects all of which are waiting to hit the green light before christmas. we’re also working on some REALLY BIG changes to the blog. i know i have been sort of playing around with changing the layout in the last few months but this will be major. sort of moving on with the times, adjusting to some screen resolution changes with retina displays and overall growing up. so i guess this is the reason you have been experiencing little pockets of absence. sometimes you just have to dive head and heart first into a project and see it through to it’s completion for things to smoothly progress. can’t wait for you to see the results. xoxo

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  1. Macon says:

    It’s a brilliant color!!!! a rarely seen original color that makes you shine. Wonderful election!

  2. This suite is so freakin girl boss, and I cannot even tell you how big I smiled when I realized you were wearing Birkenstocks. Take that Man Repeller!! Well done on the eye catching styling.


  3. Love this look! I like the way you paired your birks with the suit. Love, love this ensemble.

  4. excelent outfit! pure inspiration 🙂

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