contrary to popular belief, curling is not a one woman job. in my case, in fact, it takes at least two. i actually own a curling iron, though i’m not sure why. i guess the romantic in me still holds on to the hope that one day i’ll be able to go all the way around my head and be left with something resembling a hairstyle. i only recently found out, that, apparently, there is a right and wrong direction to curl your sections. yes ladies, it’s not as easy as it looks. which is why when the day approached for the nordstrom opening gala i immediately sought some help. lease renae has been patiently entertaining my hair style requests for the last four months. i know, during our last appointment that going from a soft red carpet wave to a crazy sonia rykiel-inspired puff i raised a few eyebrows. but it was worth it. as promised, a quick how-to, to replicate my look from the gala. apart from the basics of owning and knowing how to use a curling iron (i’m still on this one), you can get there with these easy steps:
  • after dampening the hair, add osis+ body me & osis+ wax dust through the length of your hair for added grip while styling. blow dry the product into your hair to let settle
  • before you start curling, split your hair into sections. spray each section with osis+ elastic spray prior to curling for easy manipulation
  • keep the length of hair you wish to be straight, separated, create an invisible line where the curl doesn’t reach
  • add osis+ wax dust to sections as you backcomb them for volume. don’t be precious with your curls, this look is all about ‘the more the merrier’
  • to finish, spray osis+ session finish spray all over for hold and some osis+ sparkler finish spray for shine
voila! you are ready to party!

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