we landed in vancouver today and packing was a complete nightmare (what’s new?) the one thing on my mind when i travel is my hair, long hours of commute can take their toll on the body. my routine includes always getting up early to wash my hair, after which i begin to dirty it, of course… with lasting product that will help get me through the day. some of my favourites this trip were these two osis+ session label items sent to me by schwartzkopf professional. i use them together or separately. but always to achieve that effortless, casual and easy look. osis+ session label silk shine cream adds the texture of a more worn look and helps with frizz by smoothing. osis+ session label salt spray will give you the fresh-off-the-beach but intentionally messy edge. through all this it’s important to remember to leave the bang alone, adding product to hair that falls on your face is generally a bad idea, so unless you want to focus on piecing your fringe, just let it be. a weekend of fussing around with the hair awaits, at least i packed accordingly. xoxo

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