wearing: joe fresh blouse, zara shorts, montana bolo tie, rag & bone backpack
that time of year again when i burn like a roasting marshmallow from hanging out at the stampede grounds every day, but it feels so good to be outside in the summer sun. i have been making a pretty solid effort to dress for the occasion, on every occasion. cowboy head to toe. going out looking for western inspired dressed, new cowboy boots and functional backpacks has me thinking of california and maybe planning our end of year trip a little. the perfect getaway for the imminent winter. with only four days left of the stampede we are also getting to the end of our pinterest contest with atb financial and poppy barley. be sure to create your stampede themed boards and see all contest details here, we’ve had some amazing submissions already so don’t shy away from being creative. xoxo

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great pictures, lovely look!

  2. This could very likely be my favourite post you’ve ever done! Love the variety and interest added with props and the vibrant background. I do love a good minimalist post, but sometimes (and that time definitely being Stampede), you’ve just got to go for it!


  3. I agree with Anneke! These are some of my favourite photos of you!

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