if you are anything like me, then using hot hair tools is beyond your basic comprehension of the hair styling process. i can straighten and curl my hair, somewhat reasonably… in the front. working backwards in the mirror is just too confusing, and, most of all, time consuming. the one thing standing between me and my potential styling skills is patience. which through my experience, i know you kind of need. enter my recently started schwarzkopf professional product trial, a little willingness to learn and some trial and error and i have myself a brand new way of ensuring a full head of perfectly waved hair, no patience necessary, you can even catch some z’s. i recently stumbled upon a tutorial that changed my life and i want to pass that wisdom onto you now. it’s cheaper, more lasting and most importantly, less damaging than any hot tools will ever allow. follow these above steps with a head of damp hair, air dry overnight, or blow dry if you are in a hurry (both work well). when using a blowdryer i will suggest coating your ends with the session label osis+ silk shine cream, the essential product for styling with hot tools, preventing dryness and breakage from damage. in the morning you may notice your hair still a bit damp, unravel and brush through liberally to loosen the curl (remember the goal is an easy, laid-back wave, not a tight curl). spray through with the osis+ session extreme hold hairspray or work osis+ wax dust through for extra hold. keeping the wave in your hair for a couple of days will help with washing your hair less often, staying away from the killer straightener and overall promote a healthier lifestyle for your hair. for those of us who were not blessed with this natural texture or those who simply want to add something extra to your stampede looks this year this is a pretty amazing solution to any bad hair days. xoxo

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  1. Gaby Dob says:

    Great hairstyle! Love these tips!

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