wearing: bb dakota vest (bamboo ballroom), zara heels, proenza schouler bag
the idea came to me in the form of an e-mail… the name bamboo ballroom was familiar through their association with park, but hailing from edmonton i knew nothing else about the brand, until i found out they set up shop here in calgary. a pop up shop (for now). anyway like i was saying… the idea came in the from of an e-mail… the idea is to bridge the gap between the two rivalling albertan cities, and what better way to start than with its bloggers. my edmonton partner in crime is alyssa lau, who you already know from her blog, ordinary people, and here i will insert my forever admiration for alyssa and the inspiring work she does with her site on a daily basis, a worthy match, and flattering no less. the project focuses on two bloggers styling the same piece from the shop on the opposite ends of highway 2 (do you get it yet?). with the constant outpour of information online it is hard to get away from seeing other bloggers or instagammers loving the same pieces as you (read an interesting article on the topic here btw), so if it’s going to happen anyway i love the idea of it happening right here at home. and so i hope to keep this idea alive and have it going for the near future. a fun spin on the local fashion blogs and a way to unite the two very much present communities. check out alyssa’s installment of #hwy2style here.

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  1. ann.gie says:

    I have seen pics on ordinarypeople and loooooved it! I found references to you blog while watching it and I am so glad!

    You have gorgeous style!

  2. Absolutely love both your blog and Alyssa’s! It is so neat to see other local Alberta blogs around. Your photos are very inspiring!

  3. Yuka says:

    those shoes are gorgeous!

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