wearing: zara skirt (similar) & sandals (similar), kenzo cap (similar), louis vuitton alma bag
by far my favourite outfit of this past asia trip and, as it would have it, even the zara pieces were found upon our arrival. the perfect spring outfit and i think i have all my trends covered. the one thing about being in korea, it seems, was that no fashion rules really apply. i always find myself buying clothes on trips that i never wear again after returning home, and even though this may ring true here as well, i had so much fun putting together outfits when we were away that i may just continue on my exploration of no rules = no problems. a quick look through some of my street style magazines and my own closet has me thinking that i want to take more risks, buy bold patterns and not be afraid of colour. black will always remain my go to, but seasons are short and i want to get the most out of the things i get excited for on everyone else. so i will at least give it an honest try. in the meantime another existential question remains, for fall > bangs or no bangs? xoxo

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  1. You look gorge! My favourite pic is of you smiling.. it’s so cute! Ps. I think I saw you tonight taking pictures but I didn’t want to disturb the process 😉 xo

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