make up for ever high definition primer in pink (#7)
being a girl, it’s always fun receiving beautiful makeup products in the mail. as our work picks up and the lack of sleep kicks in i rely on makeup to keep me looking fresh throughout the day. it’s important, and maybe even more so, in the life of a style blogger, to always be on your a-game (though i am definitely guilty of occasionally rolling out in the good ol’ pair of sweats). the guys at make up for ever are very good to me and always come to the rescue. some of my recent makeup discoveries is primer. yes i know, that old thing. i am a believer in ‘less is more’, but my recent fascination with skin care has led me to new conclusions about how to treat my face. hydration is key! and during long days out, sometimes when it’s not possible to shoot anything until the end of day, primer comes as an essential part of my makeup bag. the hd micro perfecting primer takes the foundation of your makeup look to another level. with a range of colours, correcting anything from redness (pick the green bottle) to strong olive undertones (for this you will need mauve) to adding brightness and warmth (see the above pink that i chose as my best fit), the primer acts as a light weight preparation product, shielding foundation (or other makeup) from penetrating the skin. for those wondering wether it be a smart choice to forego moisturizer and only use primer on the skin… i have done the research for you, and the answer is a definitive no. always hydrate the skin before prepping and applying makeup products, and always remember to strip your face before going to bed. another make up kit staple is the micro finish pressed powder. a regular on photo shoot days, the perfect solution to shine, without the hassle of matching skin tones. for this i thank you. and of course no look would be complete without a good blush. powders are fun, it’s true, but i always find myself coming back to cream base, it lasts longer and blends better, for this, the second skin #320 is my pick of the moment. you can pick up any of the hd line of products exclusively at sephora and make up forever boutiques. xoxo
makeup for ever high definition second skin cream blush (#320) & micro finish pressed powder


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