wearing: top shop coat, top & shorts, zara sandals
i thought it might be too late to be posting these, two week have passed since we took them in calgary in the dead of spring (not a joke), but as we find ourselves travelling, it’s snowing again back home, so really these could not be more seasonally correct… to much of many people’s displeasure. as awful as it is seeing snow in the first week of may these were well worth it. truth, being away made the wait for spring a little easier to bear, but our vacation slowly coming to a close i really do hope we can see some green coming through. it has been so beautiful here in korea i can’t wait to start posting photos from our trip. working off of this laptop is a little torturous so it’s been slow on the site. not to worry, we have enough material to last us through the summer, at this rate, we hope to never see snow on the blog again. xoxo

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  1. Brave girl! There’s absolutely no way I could look so fabulous sporting bare legs in SNOW…ugh, Calgary, give us real weather already. xx

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