wearing: helmut lang skirt, equipment jacket (judith & charles), mango sweatshirt, judith & charles clutch
so much of my time has recently been spent trying to figure out how to start enjoying the coming of nicer weather but not prematurely start wrecking all my lighter spring pieces. and i mainly mean sandals. the melting snow and the ever present mud really make it hard to get into the spirit of things. we are all, of course, also getting too excited too soon, it is only mid march, and this is calgary, so another snow fall is sure to pay us a visit sooner or later… around june (and of course by the time we get used to wearing less it will be time for fall once again). nevertheless this shouldn’t put a damper on the spring in our step… so to speak. i am fully transitioning into warmer seasons, you may see a couple jackets still, expect nothing but bare legs and sneakers underneath from here on out. i am ready. xoxo

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The same thing here in Edmonton, hate mud :-). Where are the boots from? Btw excellent style.

  2. libys11 says:

    very contemporary and stylish!! 🙂

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