1. céline classic handbag
5. louis vuitton vivienne

nothing like the feeling of money burning a hole through your pocket. for the past few days i have been obsessing over what my next big handbag purchase will be. trying to do the sensible aka. responsible thing of saving money, or going with what my heart desires? not to spend an exuberant amount of money i will later have problems sleeping over, but also, that a year from now, or at 50 i will still love and cherish the one bag i worked so hard to get. you live once after all, until of course, while sifting through purse blogs all night long, you stumble upon a comment, ‘you are all brainwashed’… step back, relax and breathe. boys like cars, girls have page long forum discussions about the price comparisons, sizes, leather grains and hardware on handbags. as i continue on my search for the perfect fit, here are some box bags i have been eyeing through my quest so far. the classic silhouettes and versatility really justify the inflated price tags don’t you think. xoxo

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