wearing: zara dress (similar) & jeans (similar), pendleton hat, h&m belt (similar), tba boots
this is it! the last outfit post from mexico, from the beautiful city of san jose del cabo. i am posting it three weeks later, with a poor excuse for a tan, where nothing much changed in terms of seasons on the home front. i am busy with our clothing sale this week. a gigantic blow out of my entire closet. with spring come new beginnings and after chronically having nothing to wear i finally decided it was time to purge. almost the entirety of my closet (all two rooms of it), sans some recent acquisitions and obvious basics are looking for a new home, and a fashion loving heart. check the event page for regular updates, previews, sizing, pricing and announcements. one day down, five more to go. looking forward to seeing you all there. xoxo

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  1. OceanWind says:

    Great look, beautiful combo of jeans and lite sheer dress! My hat’s off!!!

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