wearing: sea folly mod club bikini (swimco)
the first leg of our mexican getaway took us off the beaten path (literally and figuratively) to a secluded experience at vidasoul, proving to have been the most amazing hotel i have ever laid my eyes on. being the only people there for the first few days, the world was our oyster. we have tasted the best of what mexico has to offer at the crossroads beach bar, housed on the hotel property. what once used to be a local surfer go to has now been transformed into a getaway paradise. after having eaten some of the more tourist ‘friendly’ local foods in the nearby town, we have yet to taste guacamole that matched the one made for us by carlos. and what better spot then to bring out this seafolly all star then when you feel like one. xoxo

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  1. Wow, I love this bikini! Would totally wear it!

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