topshop jumper, zara sanadals (similar)

anybody been to mexico lately? it’s hard on blogging. no wi-fi > no posts. hence my sudden disappearance. we had a great opportunity to work on a project down south for the past week so we naturally packed our bags and migrated. a creature of habit, i can’t say i am dissapointed to be back home, though i will miss the humidity and the wonders it does for the skin, even in a span of a short five days. we traded sandy beaches for icy roads already and are back to regular life. don’t mind me as i recount for you, in the next few posts, the paradise that was los cabos… sadly, sans birkenstocks. xoxo

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  1. Aurore C. says:

    Waouhhh very beautiful pictures !! Love this series !
    Aurore C.

  2. That jumper is so pretty! Perfect for the summer days that are coming 🙂

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