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so the last couple of days could be a complete write off. we had a discussion today about zodiac signs, about how the pieces (me amongst the many) take a long time to decide on purchases and are careful & thoughtful buyers. maybe so, but holy am i ever obsessed with birkenstocks right now! like in a big, mental, that’s-all-i-can-think-about-ship-them-overnight-from-montreal-because-noone-here-carries-my-prefered-colors way. it all started, like for many of you out there, with céline, obviously the pool slipper from a few seasons ago made it’s mark on the more stylish, open minded cities of the world. friends coming back from new york announced birkenstocks are the next big thing. we all laughed about it and let it sit. now, with spring 2014 creeping up, zara releasing their version, i am all about the pool, two strap, classic sandal. why? something about the combination of a mannish chunky dark sandal and an all sporty outfit catches the eye. it’s something along the sock-with-sandal ‘faux pas’, something reminiscent of a flatform, but with the right attitude i have seen it successfully pulled off. not new to the scene, we’ve seen kate moss sporting them early in her career, and we already know she can sell us anything. so i’m feeling pretty ready for the challenge. still, spring stock barely in stores i am having THE hardest time finding a pair. online shopping… but i have a tropical getaway in my two day future and i really wanted to have those sandals. keep your fingers crossed and your eyes peeled, there may be some arizona classics in my life soon after all. for yours visit xoxo

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