vintage scarf, zara blazer, sweater & shoes, topshop pants
vintage coat, aritzia silk tee, american apparel button up and pants
zara button up, asks pants, topshop shoes
california select top, zara button up, american apparel cardigan and pants, zara shoes
meet paul, my recent partner in crime, he’s quite the find i must admit, his signature style, of course the high waisted pant… add plaid to that as of late and there you have the very reason why we get along so well. and yes, that is snow, and even though hard to tell, a very cold day, making future outfit posts a really hard pill to swallow. thankfully off to victoria for a couple days so you should be seeing a lot of me next week. until then a weekend full of work and editing, trying to grab life by the horns, in a big way. sometimes it requires a little help. stay tuned and happy weekend. xoxo

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  1. kait says:

    i absolutely love his style – i’ve seen him from a distance all over town and i am always blown away by his impeccable style. he’s like some sort of mystical 1940s film star. great photos!

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