we are trying to devise a system where we can take enough outfit photos to last us all winter. i bought a parka today, to match tyler’s parka (so we can look like a couple of nerds together), but that brought on the grim thoughts of the eventual coming of snowfall. it was forecasted for today even. since we will be spending more time in calgary now, winter shopping has become part of the routine again. and i don’t mean seasonal fall/winter, thigh high boots and trendy beanies kind. we are talking about full body bundle action where we are literally trying to protect parts of our bodies from freezing (welcome to canada and the dry dry prairies), and so we start counting the days when we get to go back to victoria, even if for a couple of weeks, take for example this beautiful backdrop the empress provides. that city is truly blessed with some of the most beautiful places, oh yea and did i mention the obsession with those lace up sam edelman martina bootie. to DIE for! and seems like the ladies at suasion are exclusive to this style, i can’t find them anywhere else online. BOOM! xoxo

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  1. Tabet says:

    Sweet pictures and a great look. The coat is amazing. 🙂

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