i guess part of blogging for me stems a little bit from the endless waiting around that comes as part of me modelling. never a complainer, i started looking into things that i could do to kill time. photo came as a natural progression. why not pick up a camera when i am always surrounded by beautiful models? and so my first camera came, as it happens, much too late, but better late then never. behind the scenes photos are some of my favourite moments to capture on camera. they are glimpses into the other side of the glamour. i love looking at them on other blogs and so you get your own dose right here. this year marked my very first park show. until now, always a spectator, park luxe has proven itself to exceed all expectations, and take calgary’s fashion into new heights. so i decided to mix it up and become part of it on a new level. as a result you only get a preview, or in other words, you get to see what i saw. but boy do i love all the models <3 stay tuned for our video and the all around perspective of one of the biggest nights of the year. xoxo
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  1. Eric Chu says:

    This looks amazing! Great job on all the photos. Cant wait to see the video.

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