as of late, my outfits have been taken complete hostage by the 90s grunge. my most recent inspiration? the september issue of asos magazine, possibly the most evolving online magazines i read. a good read indeed when like me, you are on a constant hunt for current trends. i just joined the styling team for mayfair shopping center in victoria so make sure you look for my findings on their facebook page and, soon-to-come, other social media. this post has in a big part also been brought to you by my ever growing obsession with the new balance sneaker. i have searched hi and lo to finally find the perfect grey scale pair at the bay. you know when you want something bad enough it seems to never leave your sight, and so, as you would have it, over the course of last year these have been popping up… A LOT. i have since moved on, and am now patiently awaiting my first-for-the-season quilted leather. it’s so yummy i’m drooling just thinking about it. tomorrow back to the calgary grind; this weekend hosts the long awaited PARK LUXE, did you get your tickets yet? xoxo


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