even though it’s been a crazy busy last two months (note the lack of posts… big gulp* – read here for excuses) there is always time for a good opening. calgary is growing, it’s true, and more and more retailers want to get a piece of the oil an gas dollar. thankfully there gets to be something in it for us fashion obsessed as a result. the newest acquisition (at chinook center of course… like i have to state the obvious) is the bc native plenty. housing brands like cheap monday, maison scotch, bb dakota and mink pink, it fits perfectly among it’s peers at the new wing of the mall. it was nice to get up and out into society for an evening of hors d’oeuvres, trend presentations (models) and good music (insert band performance by calgary’s own gold). if you are curious what else i’ve been up to… well it’s september. turns out not only new york and paris are busy, there’s been plenty (pun intended) of work to go around, when we’re not shooting we’re editing, or working on our own separate projects, right now we’re totally catching up, keeping up and planning a hostile takeover, obviously. in the meantime while i’m waiting for all that i’ve been losing myself (for the past two days) in the man repeller (off the web… on the record > much more satisfying), recommended reading and so on trend, get it while it’s hot. xoxo

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  1. looked amazing! LOVE LOVE x

    Natalie Off Duty

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