volcom jailbird bikini (swimco), h&m sweater, cap and sneakers
ok so… just kidding, i can’t actually break down the posts to only two so you will be seeing bikinis for at least another week (oops! :P), which works out for me anyway since i’ve been super busy working these past week i haven’t had time to take any new outfit photos (though outfits have been undoubtedly accumulating in my closet). i have been reusing the nyc hat (two posts in a row almost), this is what happens when your closet shares it’s time between two cities, but hey, this is all about real life! i am also posting our new video in this one, as i find it an appropriate time to finally share it (it’s been sitting on a model photographer without company for a few days now) we love it and hope you do too, let it help you embrace the last few days of summer. xoxo

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