so i know how incredibly pointless and vain this may sound to the general public, that places we go to have generally been dictated by the amount of photos i get to blog and/or instagram, if not dictated by, then at least the thought has occured before venturing out of the house to god forbid waste my time somewhere that will provide no potential blogging material. luckily for me the world is a rather interesting place. now, if you’ve ever done any blogging or instagraming on your own i am sure you can even relate to this. on my side, i also happen to have an incredibly amazing network of people who are always up for lending out a hand, and by hand i mean clothes (not to mention a very patient and blog-involved boyfriend <3). this years’ trip to tofino (my first) might as well have been sponsored by swimco (the fun parts at least!), with opening their doors to the endless amounts of suits on hand and letting me chose my favourite to take home (!!!). so maybe the foggy beaches of our beautiful coast are not the first place you’d go sunbathing, there were still some amazing spots along the highway that took our breath away. i didn’t really know how to break down all the photos we shot so i’m splitting the tofino post into two. i think this vintage kimono offered far too much fun (and endless edit picks) to have cut it down any further and the roxy suit added the much needed color to the otherwise cloudy day. xoxo

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  1. Kim Axani says:

    Gorgeous photos! Don’t blame you for wanting to kill two birds with one stone .. gorgeous photos and trip, why not!

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