from crop tops to summer whites, with the upcoming start of the new school year we are all wondering how best to transition our wardrobes from festival weekends to the coming of falling leaves. i picked some of my favourite trends that are sure to make their reappearance in classrooms and on the streets of your favourite cities in the upcoming semester.

from fast fashion runners to designer kicks, the flat comforts of the sneaker can’t be beat. we saw them on the runways season after season, we saw them with built-in wedges and kitten heels, stylistas everywhere just can’t hide the sporty spice within.

i am always inspired by meeting girls capable of making things out of nothing, in line with the love aesthetics feel for trends and fashion. i saw this beautiful clear clutch at our clothing sale last month, impress your friends come september with the things you learned over the summer, make something that everyone around you will be sure to covet.

arm candy is sure to strike up new conversations, from blogs to shops > gold, precious stones and bold designs draw the best kind of attention. bond over your favourite spots to pick up the latest pieces or get street style spotted donning your favourite statement necklaces and bracelets. it’s all in the details – photographers pay special attention to those little things that make your outfit stand out in the crowd.

i’ve seen them everywhere from airports to bus stops; listen to your favourite tunes and do it in style. minimal and bold statements have found a common ground in over-ear head gear that comes in a plethora of colours and styles. try them on the next time you have a layover; they are hard to resist.

fashion isn’t always about outside appearances. beauty, they say is on the inside and what’s IN the bag that counts. supplies shopping couldn’t be more exciting than it is now—minimal designs and bright colours are everywhere—but it’s all about the white for me, the clean sleek look of white is unexpected for a fall season. no white after labour day? rules are meant to be broken and fashion is about having fun, and what’s easier than experimenting with accessories? the time is now.

denim rules, this one is simple, the boyfriend jean is going strong, staying on top of my list for a comfortable weekend in and a great substitute for all those who think there is room for sweat pants in a classroom. also reconsider the return of the overalls, my philosophy from the summer? goes great with a crop top, and even better with a sweater. for some fun, go for coloured denim, and patterns are always helpful for quickly updating your look.

living in a ten-months-out-of-the-year-winter city, i can safely vouch that sunglasses are a year long trend, and more than that, a necessity, summer is the perfect time to pick up your favourite pair(s). i don’t know about you, but our indian summer lasts up till the end of october, and then? the white snow laying on the ground for the rest of the year begs for some eye cover, make yours count.

trying to narrow down the list to ten items was a difficult feat, getting instantly excited seeing shelves stocked with long awaited fall arrivals. for a while longer i will still be hitting the sale racks and here are two of some of my favourite accessories that help make that summer-to-fall transition a little easier. the ever-growing popularity of the baseball cap, in leather or now the newly discovered mesh, i am completely obsessed and then there are the bags, of course, carry-alls and shoppers sure are practical, but i will be scoring some of the season’s hottest evening clutches. use them as a wallet and consolidate your bottomless bags ladies, it’s a sweet world out there without having to worry about the added weight of an ever growing tote.

saving the best part of fall till last. LAYERING!! this is the one reason i am not yet living in sunny california (ok maybe not the only reason), SEASONS! we all love to hate them, but we are also equally excited for the upcoming opportunities to layer our favourite pieces with those missed tees and dresses from the warmer months. pick a style that works for you, a transparent rain coat, to a structured blazer to a classic bomber, invest in a cool jacket that will last you through seasons and bring you compliments from your friends, my closet favourite? a black lamb leather motorcycle jacket, it’s warming up for round two. i don’t like switching out my coat through the winter, i like to know that it will be ready for me on the way out of the house without thinking twice about it. you will know when you find the one <3 xoxo

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