went out with these two, basically cutest couple ever & shot some photos. loving everything that is happening here, make sure not to miss the gif laboured hard by tyler just for this. and don’t miss chloe’s lovely blog,, yet another proof that everything looks better on film (and with an australian accent <3 ). i’ll be working on tons of new updates this week, now that tyler and i have been reunited and can shoot lots again, also as a  proverbial last hurrah of whatever we have left of this summer. walking around victoria today made me really wish that i had spent more of my summer months on the island. missing home has blinded my curiosity to explore and experience this beautiful place. we’ll just have to do something about that. tune into my instagram feed to see where we’ll be heading in the next few days. for now, while writing this, i am completely exhausted and will probably be sleeping in until the day after tomorrow. xoxo

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  1. Anthea Lau says:

    sick prints and designs here, and I’m totally loving that gif – super fun!

    check out my latest inspiration post! 🙂

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