just last week marked the official opening of the first j.crew store in calgary (seventh in the country), although the store has had it’s doors open for just under a month, the media and the city’s fashion finest had to wait until june 18th to get a full insight into the world of j.crew. with tom mora making a personal appearance at city tv’s breakfast show (CLICK HERE TO WATCH) and then spending the rest of the day entertaining at the chinook store it was well worth the wait. not to mention the special discounts for the night’s guests as well as gift bags for those in attendance. a huge thing for j.crew and their design team are the amazing accessories and always classic cuts, i walked away with a beautiful pair of kiki ballet flats with a navy capped toe and tyler didn’t forget to stock up on some always versatile oxford button ups. for its customers, j.crew offers a unique personal shopping experience with the staff accommodating your schedule and opening the store early or staying late on an individual appointment basis (follow @tysonlake on twitter for your exclusive insider scoop of all things j.crew yyc or to make appointments). between this and their amazing online store there really isn’t a reason why you should miss out on your very own piece of j.crew. honoured to have been a part of this moment for the city and the fashion community, thanks again j.crew and the lovely ladies at jane gill pr for a day to remember. xoxo

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