in light of recent events around calgary it has been a little slow around the blogging circuit, with our preparations for the clothing sale (which is still happening btw, follow our facebook event for updates and announcements on location and dates), then the unexpected flooding and now the cleanup efforts in the coming days or even weeks, we have some figuring out to do re our way back home and our plans for upcoming months. looks like a stampede in the city for me with more street style coverage for fashion magazine. everyone is staying positive that we are to have a successful stampede yet and that the city will come together helping lessen the impact of this devastating last couple of days on everyone. for now here are some behind the scenes images from the lauren bagliore spring presentation at studio 122 last week, still waiting on official show photos. loved the clothes (obviously!) and had a great time chatting with all the girls from the various agencies around town, a rare occasion around here. hope everyone stays dry and safe this weekend. xoxo
edit: spoke too soon about waiting on official show photos. went to facebook and gar&mann:lee seemed to be posting at the same time. below are some of their snippets from the show. for more CLICK HERE.

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