you can tell how behind i am when i post photos from my trip to calgary. well here it is, i couldn’t let this one go unposted anyway, it’s not often that we see amazing street style just roaming freely on our city’s pavements. and no surprise then that she wasn’t even from here. also for the consideration of not flooding you with my own vanity i like to vary the posts between my own photos and those of the inspiring people around me. i feel like a horrible person for not remembering her name (don’t we all always say how bad we are with names, but maybe it’s just a bad excuse for being awful listeners). we all heard the rumors and confirmations of nordstrom opening it’s first stores in canada in the near future, so imagine my excitement when i was stopped along 17th avenue and asked to what ended up being a style photo exchange for the nordstrom trent report. check out the nordstrom blog for updates. their presence so early on in the city (the chinook store is not scheduled to open until 2014) is something that stroke my curiosity so i am sure to be paying close attention to any upcoming news on the subject. for now i am off to vancouver for some work, it’s looking like an amazing weekend ahead. xoxo

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