photo by tyler stalman
the r-13 jacket i got last summer at primitive boutique in calgary must be one of my most treasured possessions, sitting in a dust bag most of the year, coming out only when weather conditions are favorable… so wearing it hiking was probably not the best idea i had. this weekend was all about doing the things that i came to victoria to do, seeing new places, exploring and taking pictures. tyler made my birthday completely bearable. pressure is now off, our first birthdays together are over. it’s looking like spring again and with a plethora of new goodies from joe fresh i’m not going to have a shortage of things to wear, just waiting for the wind to subside. hoping for a quick trip back home sometime soon, this time making it a roadtrip. xoxo

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Stunning. I love this photo Ania! Ryan and I will have to come to Victoria for photos – it’s so beautiful out there!


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