when i came to victoria, you know, to scope things out, my first comment was ‘there isn’t even an h&m here’… well that’s been remedied fast, almost in time for my arrival, it’s like they knew or something, or so i like to think. shopping at the swedish retailer has become something we take for granted but their presence in canada has been a relatively short one, that of only 9 years. how quickly we forget the days of shopping at bluenotes and fairweather (do those places still exist?). nothing to worry about anymore, however. i have now seen the opening of two h&m stores in my lifetime and i must say they really put their heart into it. the rain poured on those 300+ waiting in line to get their chance to win even more free h&m money, but the staff braved it all with spiffy dance moves and harry of course. the opening was otherwise, what one might expect from a giant chain store opening, amazing deals, lot’s of energy and traffic and very very excited shoppers. the response to my giveaway has been HUGE! i have forgotten for a second that i may not be the only one excited about $19 sweaters and david beckham briefs. i will be contacting the winners of the giveaway today so keep checking your mailbox for that special little message. as much as i want to spread the love there are only four cards. thank you to everyone that entered, keep checking back for more amazing giveaways, however, i will be teaming up with my favorite local shops to be bringing you more fabulous prizes. for now i just hope this rain goes away so we can go out and take some photos. xoxo

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  1. looks like so much fun! love it 🙂


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