hold on to your hats! finally i can share with you the awesome giveaway that h&m is hosting on my blog to celebrate their store opening in victoria. the first store on the island i might add and a great relief for me. a value of a city is soley measured on it’s ability to provide me with coveted shopping and victoria just climbed that hierarchy of places. the store opening is happening in line with my birthday and i am more than happy to share it with this event. the h&m team has a ton planned for the noon opening on february 21st at the uptown shopping center, but until then don’t be shy and enter to win one of four $250 gift cards to the store. the giveaway is open to all of canada.
the deets: comment on this post and tell me what you love most about h&m (the lines, the stores, the staff… garrett i am looking at you), comment on my instagram, facebook and twitter for more chances to win and don’t forget to tag @hmcanada in your posts.



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  1. Dreena says:

    I love the Boy’s line at H&M…nice Euro styles. Always shop there for my boy.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i love all the different styles

  3. I absolutely love everything about H&M specifically their jewelry! Everytime I walk into H&M, I always walk out with a purchase of jewelry! @hmcanada

  4. I love H&M’s affordable prices and stylish clothing!

  5. Thanks for the chance to win! Your blog is AMAZING!

    I love H&M because it is unique, yet still right on target with the current trends. Sometimes they actually have items that become popular years later! They are ahead of the curve sometimes:)

    The clothing is such good quality, and it looks wonderful on. I have absolutely no complaints with H&M and I’ve been a loyal customer for YEARS! The prices are beyond amazing,customer service is always stellar, and the clothing is oh so wonderful. Hello unique textures and silhouettes! Not to mention they also have the best accessories! <3

    I don’t have Instagram, but I just commented on Twitter & Facebook 🙂

    My e-mail is:



  6. the designer collaborations are amazing!

  7. My first time going to H&M was in Norway. I was amazing and overwhelmed by the amazing style, creativity and uniqueness of their clothes. They have everything from baby to dad and all stages of life in between but the clothes don’t look like they are pumped out of a cloning machine. Each piece of clothing is a statement piece. When you wear H&M clothes you become a statement, without looking like style vomit:) I love that they aways look to collaborate with other designers-it keeps H&M fresh and leaders in the industry. I rarely can go into H&M without falling in love and the great part is I leave with great pieces and still have some
    Money in ma bank! Since losing my H&M virginity in Norway I have stalked her every city I find her in!
    Chantel aka loveandgarnish

  8. Jay M says:

    Love their selection of men’s sportswear.

  9. chemzap says:

    Their styles are amazing. I always stop by H&M when I am at a mall @hmcanada

  10. Catherine Moar says:

    Thanks to H&M for retweeting your giveaway or I would never have found about your fabulous blog! My fav thing about H&M is their stylish affordability for everyone in my family – am off this afternoon to pick up a couple of pieces of the newest Beckham collection for Vday for my sweetheart hubby!!

  11. Tricia says:

    I love the variety – something for everyone!

  12. Jenn says:

    I love that I can buy myself a fun new accessory and my husband a new hoodie in the same store

  13. Areta says:

    I love that H&M is so stylish and yet affordable. The staff is helpful and they seem to be able to answer my questions regarding size and fit.

  14. Zenny Zu says:

    OMG I JUST LOVE H+M!!! <3 😀

  15. Flo says:

    I love H&M. Always shop for gifts when i travel. They have a great collelction

  16. Airstream says:

    I love the affordability of H&M as well as the accessible styles. It’s all made fairly well which is great!

  17. Grace says:

    I love their pieces – they have both practical and impractical, trendy and timeless. You can find ANYTHING there!

  18. Maria Volk says:

    Love the affordability and on trend styles!

  19. Sidney says:

    I love the variety they have, and the great prices!

  20. Mary says:

    I love their up to date trends and pricing!

  21. pippa burn says:

    I love the fact that I can purchase clothes at an affordable price and yet they are stylish and colourful. The pieces are forward thinking in design yet practical to wear everyday!!! YEAAHHH so happy to have HM on the Island!! 😀

  22. Love H & M, found them in Scotland in 2003 while on my honeymoon and fell in love with the clothes… a must when I visit toronto and vancouver…so excited they will be here in victoria! – Bonnie

  23. up to date styles at affordable prices; this way, you can try out new trends each season without being chased by Visa 🙂

  24. What I love is the different brands/lines that H & M provides, you are able to shop for the whole family! I commented on your page, as well as tweeted (@apham17)

  25. Kait says:

    Love H&M! So many things to love about this great brand but I think one of my favourite things is being able to find the perfect last-minute outfit or party dress at a moment’s notice. I also love their accessories – I always end up leaving with a bag of baubles.

  26. Tintin C. says:

    H&M is a great store. I love the great selection of clothes at an affordable price!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Love the small sizes!! <3

  28. Junix says:

    Cheap n’ chic. And of course, LOVE the H&M David Beckham underwear

  29. Nicole W says:

    I love the fun clothing styles and the great prices – SO excited to have an H&M in Victoria – and within walking distance of my house! (Which could be dangerous…) Thanks for the amazing giveaway, fingers crossed! 🙂
    sunshine_279 at hotmail dot com

  30. Sarah says:

    I love the affordable style while still be stylish!

  31. Sarah M. says:

    I love the girls line! My preschooler will be looking so good this spring!

  32. Graeme says:

    Great prices and cool clothes.

  33. Bebe Lee says:

    I love H&M for the variety of clothing, so I can find everything there. The styles vary from being dressy, to casual, to classy, to hipster, to whatever you want. I love the Divided line; their clothes are definitely my style. I love the shoes, and accessories from H&M too. The H&M’s close to where I live vary from a one story store, to two stories, to even three stories in downtown. I love how I can choose if I want to have a more personal experience, to a busier place. The prices are reasonable, considering the great styles that come with them. There are clothes that are classic and can be worn whenever, but there are also clothes that fit the seasonal trends. Overall, I like that the clothes are affordable and that there are so many styles to choose from.

  34. TW says:

    I love H & M for their designer collabs! A good way to get some designer clothing that you may never had a chance to before!

  35. Kathleen says:

    I love H & M for the sheer amount of options and variety they have with their clothing… there truly is something for everyone!

  36. Anonymous says:

    I love H&M’s fashions. They are great. But there could be some more purshase ligns caus it is long. Oh well i am missing money and have a big wardrobe lack so I hope i win!!! 😀

    Check me out on my blog,

  37. brad says:

    Love their chinos

  38. auriasz says:

    I love that h&m is always fashion forward, they have what I am looking for and I can afford it. H&M is my go to store, when in doubt h&m!

  39. Maria says:

    I love H&M because they have so many inexpensive blouses and sweaters for sale! I can’t go a week without going to their store 🙂

  40. Laura says:

    I just tweeted you, but I will reiterate what I just said here 🙂 I love that H&M is so on trend with their fashion and accessories and their affordability is one of my favourite things about them!

  41. I love H&M because it’s one of those stores that I can waltz into when I drunk-shop and am completely oblivious to what I’m grabbing, and yet still wake up the next morning with a ton of fashionable finds. That says something.

  42. realy love the price, kids stuff and the brand: L.O.G.G

  43. Vanessa says:

    When I was travellinc across Europe and living in the UK is when I finally fell in love with H&M Hopefully, a bigger store in canada can mean more and better products 😉 love h&m, they’re just too small here

  44. I love H&M for their affordable, on-trend fashions…exactly the store we’ve been waiting for here in Victoria!

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  46. H&M is a store I grew up with (I´m Swedish). I started of as my go-to store for simple tee´s and accessories, but has grown to include some serious fashion pieces. I would love to win this giveaway!!: @hmcanada

  47. I love that everything they have is comfortable yet classy!

    summerdual AT gmail DOT com

    I love @hmcanada

  48. Madeline says:

    I love how in tune the brand is with current trends, while still being affordable! such high fashion and wearable pieces at an affordable price. Love H&M, favourite store by far.
    Madeline xx

  49. ERICA says:

    i love h&m … too bad i need to go to hongkong to be able to buy their collection

  50. I love that you get can super nice and stylish clothes at an affordable cost!!!

  51. Kaye says:

    My favorite store for chic affordable well made fashion, but I really love their lingerie, their accessories, and their great casual basics – all at working girl prices 🙂

  52. Tracy Kwan says:

    i love h&m’s colours and styles!

  53. Michelle B says:

    I love their huge selection of kids fashions.
    angelsspot at hotmail dot com

  54. Radhika Khan says:

    Loving the new spring line from H&M

  55. Chi says:

    I love that my sister loves H&M and so it’s really easy to find her birthday prezzies!

  56. Kelsey says:

    Love the huge selection and that you can get a whole outfit for a really reasonable price – keeps me coming back!!

  57. marliee says:

    What do I love about H&M…hmm what do I NOT love!!!! Seriously though, they have unbeatable prices and good quality to go along with it! I feel that over the years H&M has done an incredible job brining in high fashion, off-the-runway pieces into the everyday wardrobe. Every time I go into the store, I take my time walking around and admiring the mannequins, they always have great merchandising which gives me a lot of styling ideas and inspiration. Also love their seasonal magazines (which I collect). Honestly, obsessed would be an understatement :$ haha its my favourite store by far, I can’t say enough good things <3

  58. Dan Ryan says:

    I like H&M’s wide selection of guy’s clothing which are all very trendy and affordable!

  59. Katie Chan says:

    I really like the cheap basics at H& M

  60. arudra17 says:

    Love the value proposition, what you get for your money. The styles for price.

  61. myra ◦° says:

    Honestly you have no clue how freaking excited I am about H&M opening in Victoria!! I frequent the ones in Toronto (where I’m from) but was so bummed that they didn’t have a store on the island when I moved here. I’d go to Vancouver all the time just to visit and see their new collections. I love H&M. I love when they have collaborations with big designers, I love their fair prices, I love their crazy huge selection!! It’s hard for me to go in the store and NOT find something that I love! Hurrah for a Victoria H&M!!

  62. Anonymous says:

    I love H&M! A $250 gift certificate would go a long way! I love their section for kids and would love to buy some cute new clothes for winter/spring for my son! If we win, we’ll take lots of photos of everything we get!!! PICK ME!!!!

  63. Anonymous says:

    I love H&M! A $250 gift certificate would go a long way! I love their section for kids and would love to buy some cute new clothes for winter/spring for my son! If we win, we’ll take lots of photos of everything we get!!! PICK ME!!!!

  64. Steph says:

    I love the fact that H&M has affordable, trendy clothes!

  65. Kim Noseworthy says:

    @hmcanada the best thing about h&m is David Beckham

  66. i love that h&m has cute clothes for kids, men, and of course women. plus the clothes are affordable. that’s a huge plus! my hubby and i both love h&m and that amazing gift card prize would go a long way. @hmcanada

  67. I definitely love the range of different clothes they carry! You can find basic and simple pieces but also, you can find edgy and unique clothing there as well! Also love that they are quite affordable too!

    XO Jenny @ beautykissxo

  68. laura says:

    I’ve only been waiting my whole life for H&M to arrive, ahhh, dreams do come true! xo

  69. Anonymous says:

    @hmcanada PICK ME! I love H&M!! I love all your clothes and accessories, also your fantastic line for men and children. If I win a gift card, I could get something for everyone in the family 🙂 Would be a great/sylish way to strut into spring.

    Yes, I have commented before… better my chances? Pick me, pick me!!!

  70. Ladena says:

    LOVE everything about H&M! Kids clothes, ladies clothes, guys boxers and the accessories! So happy its opening in #YYJ this week!

  71. Emily Paul says:

    Love the ero style at affordable prices! Also its a great place to get basic tees and tanks! Please pick me! @hmcanada

  72. Unknown says:

    Honestly, I’ve only been in H&M one time only and that was in Vancouver. After watching the TV show “Fashion Star” that was when I truly fell in love with what H&M stands for…so much that I had contacted the head office back east and suggested that they open a store here in Victoria!! True story!! And TADA! My suggestion worked! Can’t wait for it to open!

    Wendy Ooms

  73. I love the style of the kids clothes at H&M. The prices are excellent and the fit of the clothes on my kids are great. Love them!!

    nomnombearinyvr at hotmail dot com

  74. i love everything about h&m . i love thats its stylish and affordable.

  75. cea187 says:

    I love the Unique styles that H&M have to offer. I moved here from Ontario 2 years ago and what very dissapointed to find out that there was no H&M location on the island, I am so so so SO happy you guys are FINALLY opening here!!!!!

  76. mamma-mich says:

    love the kids line – can’t wait to get some new stuff for my boys!

  77. I love H & M clothes and accessories. They are fashionable, affordable and great for everything from work to going out

  78. Kate Michael says:

    My first H&M shopping experience was in Europe some 6 years ago. Not only are the clothes I bought then still stylish, they look brand new! And the fantastic prices make shopping that much more enjoyable. There’s no beating the confidence boost I get from wearing H&M’s fashions!

  79. Nancy Ngo says:

    Soo excited for H&m coming to victoria Cant wait! love the kids clothes too!!

  80. Nao. says:

    What I really love about H & M is that they can dress the whole family through whatever season in life you are at! When I was pregnant they carried the ONLY affordable, trendy maternity line and I would make trips to Vancouver just to stock up on clothes. Now that I have a little girl I love to dress her up in the baby and kids lines. My husband finds clothes he likes there, work, dressy, casual.. they have it all. Now that we are planning for baby #2 I am excited to not have to hop on a ferry to stock up on maternity styles!!

  81. I love being able to find trendy, affordable clothing for myself and my two young boys! Makes shopping fun for the whole family 🙂

  82. Lily says:

    I love that there is so much variety in style and accessories!

  83. Anonymous says:

    I love H&M! I love that they have so many pieces you can mix and match at an affordable price. Me and my four year old daughter are very excited to shop!

  84. lovemonkey says:

    I love H&M for my boys clothes as they fit more to their thinner frames….but for me, it is just a great affordable store!

  85. I love H&M for being affordable, current and being able to buy for my whole family there! I often get accessories for my niece, hoodies for my brother, dress shirts for my husband, everything for me and now I’m excited to get to buy for my new baby there!

  86. I have actually never shopped at H&M so I am excited and curious to see what they offer!!! Always nice to have new shopping options, I look forward to shopping there soon.

  87. I love that I can pick up trendy items to keep my wardrobe up to date without spending 100s of $$$.

  88. I have loved H&M since my wife and I visited their Paris store 8 years ago. Their affordable, on-trend clothes have been a staple of my wardrobe ever since.

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  90. Devon W-D says:

    I love that I can shop for my whole family at H&M and always find something cool for everyone! @hmcanada

  91. Anonymous says:

    Dear @hmcanada & @aniab,

    AH! It’s getting to that time… So I thought I should write considering I’m in dyer need of some help – some H&M love!!! I am STARVING for some new fashion and I can’t think of a better place to get it than H&M!!! You have a great variety of styles and I’m sure I could get something for everyone in my home.


    -Chelsea’s closet.


  92. Anonymous says:

    I like h n m as it is affordable, yet very trendy. I have seen h n m stores in Asian countries, and it sure is nice to see the store on the island.

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  94. Cassandra says:

    I Love @hmcanada! Always on trend for amazing prices. Love their weekly featured items, and lately their accessory selection has been amazing.

  95. Sonia H says:

    Selection, variety, and atmosphere! @HMCanada 🙂 One more sleep!

  96. Kimchi says:

    I have only had the opportunity to visit H&M twice in my life, first time in Calgary at Ironmills and in Myeongdong, Seoul, South Korea. Both experiences were so amazing! I fall in love the moment I walk in and completely lose myself (literally lost my group in Korea; they went to the change rooms on each floor showing employees my picture). They’ve always got a trendy but diverse collection of items to meet anyones sense of style. I’m hoping to see the Conscious Collection at Uptown!

  97. llum says:

    I love their selection of clothing…a mix of trendy and higher quality items and their awesome collaborations!

  98. I love the huge selection and the versatile pieces they have. I always love everything in there and end up spending way too much. I also love that I can shop for my boyfriend at the same time. I love their jewellery and scarves. And I love their shoes and jackets!

  99. Natalie says:

    The amazing colours and styles. And the prices!!!

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  101. Joanie Kay says:

    I love the trendy kids clothes!

  102. I love the attention to detail in their collections. The way that each piece of clothing, weather it be a staple piece or something on trend, has something special which makes it easy for each person to create his or her personal style. Being a parent on a tight budget and a love for fashion, it’s not often that one can go into a store, buy an entire outfit and come out looking like a million dollars and not actually have to spend a million dollars. I absolutely love the versatility of their piece, weather it be a blazer, or a necklace. It is the trendiest, cost effective one stop shop for clothing and accessories

  103. Dan Ryan says:

    I have never been to an H&M before so you have no idea how excited I am. I have only seen @hmcanada online and I like how the guy’s clothes are simple and trendy at an affordable price! I hope they will have the Conscious Collection!

  104. Anonymous says:

    @h&mcanada & @aniab

    YAYYY!!! It’s the 21st!!! DEADLINE IS TODAY PEOPLE!!! I’m proud to say you two were the first thing I thought of this morning 🙂 I love H&M so the idea of winning a gift certificate is very exciting!!! I have commented, liked and shared posts in hopes of winning!! I sure hope it pays off because there’s a little denim outfit I SO BADLY want to buy for my toddler!!! +more… can’t wait to hear the results!!!

    pick me, pick me, pretty pretty please, with a cherry on top!!!!!!

  105. Donna says:

    I love the affordability! Can’t wait for the opening today, gonna go check it out fo shiz!

  106. 407jade says:

    Over the last 6 years, H&M has become my goto store for everything fashion. I work in a law firm so my day clothes consisted of suits, blazers and blouses all which I bought at H&M at unbeatable prices. I would dry clean all my work clothes and I’ve managed to keep these clothes in next to perfect condition for years.

    Moving along to evening wear, dinner parties and going out….again, no one does it better than H&M. I especially love their Trend line. It’s super affordable, on trend (no pun intended) and the quality is fantastic! Such a unique range of designs.

    As much as I would love to stock my closet with big designer fashions, I simply cant. My job doesn’t pay enough! But I always look put together and on trend wearing pieces from H&M . I also love their leather creations! One of my favourite 3-quarter leather bomber is from H&M 3 years ago and I still rock the s*^! out of it!

    Lastly, I’ve been to a few H&M parties and they are just awesome! I’m from Toronto so whoever does the PR in Toronto for is doing an amazing job. They are always fun, you don’t go hungry and the best part, you get to shop while sipping on refreshing cocktails. If memory serves me correctly, one party they threw in 2010 for the pre-launch of Fashion Against Aids collection, they managed to get Bedouin Soundclash! It was awesome!!!

    Oh and I love the H&M Magazine. Always inspiring and gets me excited. I always fold down the pages of the items I want to buy and take it to the store to buy! Great branding!

    Ok, I could go on and on. I LOVE @HMCanada!!!

  107. ” value of a city is soley measured on it’s ability to provide me with coveted shopping” – haha LOVE~

  108. wondergirl says:

    I love H&M for the clothes,such a wide selection!

  109. Tony says:

    It’s awesome that H&M carries clothes for everyone (men, women and kids!). The prices are affordable too.

  110. Mommybug says:

    Love that the clothes are modern and cover a large age range. I could wear their clothes in my 30’s and feel that i’m not dressing too young or old but individual style at it’s best at a great price!

    • Ania B says:

      Andrew, the winners were contacted by e-mail or through the corresponding social media last week. We had a lucky guy and girl from Victoria and two ladies from the rest of the country who walked away with the prizes.

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