zara coat, blouse and shoes, adidas leggings
photo by tyler stalman
good morning from sunny yyc. here for another week of work. missing home already. it’s been a while since i checked in on here, my excuse > moving. it’s been the most hectic and painful move to date. i am already sick of it and hope never to have to go through it again. on the bright side of things, however, i am growing to love our new home. tyler has been amazingly supportive and allows me to create the space for us that will make us feel most comfortable. stay tuned for some photos of the progress, there will be a lot to work on still, but nothing that a couple of rugs, a beautiful couch and a whole lot of love can’t fix. the time has also come, in victoria, as on my blog, for the most amazing giveaway to date. as you may have heard h&m is moving onto the island and they will be opening the uptown location just three days before my birthday (coincidence? i don’t think so). a new h&m is basically just like my birthday and so we are giving away a whole lot of  h&m dollars here starting tomorrow. make sure to come back and check it out first thing in the morning. i promise, you will not be disappointed. xoxo 

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