i can finally share with you the story i shot for freq magazine’s first 2013 issue. loved photographing all the new faces from all over the province. it’s crazy to think that i was just as young when i first started modelling 13 years ago… whoa! that makes me sound uber old. whatever it makes me though, i now completely understand the modelling industries obsession with youth. there is nothing on these girls that needs adjusting, improving or fixing, they are flawless, making my job doing my first published shoot that much easier, but shhh… i actually did labor on this one, it took over four weeks, a lot of planning and amazing help from the artists within makeup team to pull this all together (that’s what happens when you want to shoot eight models in natural light in the middle of a canadian winter ), and yes, as always, the ever irreplaceable tyler stalman. and a huge HUGE thanks to american apparel on this one too, the models are all wearing american apparel, and the whole thing was shot on location at their 17th avenue location in calgary! i love this one, hope you guys do too. xoxo

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  1. This shoot is so fantastic, I keep looking at it. You are so talented <3

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