elin kling for marciano sweater, forever xxi skirt, erro leggings, jeffrey campbell boots
photos by tyler stalman

incredibly sick in these photos, thanks to an incredibly patient boyfriend though, something always materializes out of nothing. wearing my newly acquired elin kling sweater. after all the wait it turns out calgary is completely oblivious… or indifferent as to who she is. better for me, spent about two hours in the change room deciding on the one piece i get to take home. saving money is NOT fun. the sacrifices i’ve been making as of late take me back to the good old days of being twenty and broke *sigh & tear*… i never want to be twenty again. about soon-ish here i will be bombarding you, and my pinterest with inspirational apartment photos, decorating ideas and coveting every couch in existence (and maybe already obsessing over one in particular)… the trouble is, i never lived in a one bedroom apartment before. the tricky part? closet space! ummm… wish me luck. also hit that songza already. CLICK HERE for my favorite playlist. xoxo

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