zara dress and heels, h&m faux leather pants and touque
photos by tyler stalman

if you follow my instagram feed you will have known by now that i have been spending a lot of time on the coast with tyler. every two weeks its either one of us flying back so we can spend time together. the long distance thing seemed appealing at first, coming out of being single, the idea of having a boyfriend every two weeks and the ability to spend time with my friends at all other times seemed like the perfect scenario. except  emotions and real life kick in, and there is no way that i am thinking like that any more. long distance sucks and so we’re doing something about it. i will be moving to victoria at the beginning of january and i’m terrified. the ones of you who have endured my company for the last couple of months know all about the shit storm of emotions happening in my head already. in the end the reality of it all is that no matter how scared i will be things can’t stay the same even if i decided not to go. at least it will be emotional rehab. at most tyler and i will get to start working on our future goals together. i will have more posts coming from victoria now that that’s where i will be spending most of my creative time, in a way it’s kind of inspiring knowing that everything starts anew. on another note it’s november this week already and if you didn’t already know about all the exciting new collections hitting the stores check out my facebook page for more details on the elin kling for marciano, h&m grey concept and margiela collections, all happening within the next two weeks. hold on to your wallets ladies and gentlemen. christmas comes early this year. xoxo

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  1. laura says:

    i somehow found your blog on the
    wide wide web and i gotta tell ya:

    really awesome pics dear,
    so very delicate to my eyes.

    keep up that good stuff. with kisses, la

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