in light of the fact that luanne made the most delicious nutella shortbread today (click the link for her recipe) and also because i have had these sitting on my computer waiting for an opportune moment to post them it is time i shared with you the moment i fell in love with macarons. the story is short really. remember the bcbg generation store opening back in august? jeraldine from yann’s was at the event promoting the shop and i dared to try my very first macaron, till now my experience with them has been mediocre, they are usually dry and too sweet for my taste but i quickly changed my mind. i went to the store the following week to take some photos of the beautiful displays and pastries. and how cute is the shop itself, they have the bakery in the basement, they live upstairs and have the shop on the main floor, both come from france *sigh* and both are amazingly talented. each taking on their strength with running the business. visit for more information. you can also follow them on twitter (@yannboutique) and like their facebook page. jeraldine changes the displays often so when you go in be ready for some halloween appropriate decorations. xoxo

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  1. Anonymous says:

    “Macarons” my dear. Everyone get it’s mixed up, but for future references and future posts: “macarons.” Macaroons are completely different. <3


  2. Ania B says:

    thanks anonymous 🙂 that actually clarifies a LOT for me now haha… fixed 😛

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