h&m top, topshop skirt, zara boots
photos by tyler stalman
we were going to wait to post these till after we got a chance to get some contrasting images in black made but time has been playing tricks on us. the end of the year goes by so fast and there seem to be so many things to take care of  and do. these are the remnants of summer for me, how i miss her. instead of victoria i should consider moving to the cayman islands, there is no tax over there anyway. i also realized i have been slacking big time on outfit posts (for numerous reasons), now with winter it will be even harder. i have, however, been taking tons of photos of my friends and acquaintances over the last couple of weeks. i have also been busy working with american apparel on a couple of projects here in town. things should materialize in the next few weeks so keep an eye out for all the latest news. and don’t forget about the lou lou magazine shop til’ you drop shopping event at chinook centre this week. all the deals and previews can be found on my facebook page and instagram. xoxo

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  1. Marta says:

    Beautiful shots Ania, I’ve always loved this underpass!

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