vintage levi’s jacket and cut offs, brandy melville top, zara heels
la inspired me infinitely to revisit the 80’s. the weather and the ability to do absolutely anything you want with style without having judgement passed on you made it easy to fall back on what i find most comfortable. upon my return home i have gotten numerous stares and even some snarly remarks on the street from passers by. standard. the more the merrier, yet i can’t shake the need to rock some amazing high waisted shorts. one of my new favorite places to shop has become brandy melville usa, a fully unassuming store i would normally pass on because of the hoards of teenagers inside, EXCEPT for carrying one teaspoon and operating as a one size fits all kind of an establishment. and twenty dollar tank tops, forty dollar back packs and four dollar jewelry, so yea, kind of amazing. photos by rb. xoxo

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  1. almaa. says:

    rany, co za nogi! Wyglądasz wspaniale, a taki total denim look przemawia do mnie w 100% 🙂

  2. Sandi says:

    the shoes!

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