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stampede is long gone, it was another great year, even if there didn’t seem to be anything different about the 100th year anniversary. it ended for me so much sooner because of my trip to california but i am really happy with the photos before it was all over. now that i’m back it feels like it’s been much longer than one week. it was the most relaxing vacation, however. because i’ve been there so many times i finally had an opportunity to sit back and relax and just take it easy (shopping included). it’s always sad to leave venice, this time though i feel like even though i left so much behind again i have also gained something potentially much more amazing <3 i’m hoping to be posting tons in the next few weeks, i’ve also decided to start a project i won’t talk about yet but which makes me super excited. it will also soon be one month count down to burning man. that’s all. xoxo

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  1. Can’t wait to see all the images you captured during SF/ LA.

  2. J Fashion says:

    Genialne zdj!Jak zawsze.
    Ciesze się, że w końcu będe mogła pokomentować, a nie tylko podglądać.


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